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Meet Baby Chynaa
  • Chynaa stats
  • Sign :Virgo
  • Height : 172 cm
  • Weight :  49 kgs
  • Eye color :Brown
  • Hair :  Brown
  • Age : 22
Chynss's First Series
1) Debut in Diapers
2) Time for a Change
3) Time for a Change II Make me your Baby
4) Naughty Baby
5) Nappy time for Baby China
6) Suck on This! Girls with Bottles
7) Playtime for Baby
8) Snack time for Baby C
9) Back to Diapers

Tori stats
Sign :Leo
Height :5.'0"
Weight : 90 lbs
Eye color :Blue
Hair :  Brown
Age : 19

Meet Baby Tori
See China in Diapers for the first time
Danny Paige's stats
Sign : Aquarius
Height :5.'3"
Weight : 120 lbs
Eye color :Brown
Hair : Brunette
Age : 18
Meet Danny
Who is Danny Paige?
Danny Paige is an 18 year old model I met recently and wanted to try out for some shoots. From the time I met up with her for the first time I knew she would be prefect for the site and the first shoot did not disappoint. The above shots are from her first set as well as some shots as she was getting ready to show the world her diaper for the first time.

Hope you enjoyed them :)

Aimee Nicole stats
Sign : Pisces
Height :5.'6"
Weight : 125 lbs
Eye color :Brown
Hair : Brunette
Age : 21
Meet My Newest ABDL Model Ellie Domme
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Who is Aimee Nicole?
Aimee Nicole is an 22 year old model I met recently. She was very eager to shoot with me and did not hesitate when I asked her to climb into a diaper. She just removed her clothes and allowed me to  wrap it around her bottom. Most girls the first time will duck into another room and dress them self but not Aimee Nicole, she wanted to make sure it was done right. What a great day it was shooting with her. Looking forward to our next shoot. 2 Shoots now and counting.

Hope you enjoy the preview with our first 4 shoots :)

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Videos too please
Only a diaper
Nude shots wanted too

Aimee Nicole Debut set order here
Brooke Autumn stats
Sign : Libra
Height :5.'5"
Weight : 147 lbs
Eye color :Hazel
Hair : Black
Age : 21

Do you want to see more of Brooke Autumn in rhe future?
Videos too please
Only her diaper
Nude shots wanted

Ellie Domme stats
Sign : Aries
Height :6 0"
Weight : 120 lbs
Eye color :Brown
Hair : Blonde/brown
Age : 18